Detail Requirements

          Fig. 2 Example of the landmark file

               Fig. 2 Example of the landmark file.

Evaluation Criterion

Submissions will be evaluated with the Area-Under-the-Curve (AUC) from the Cumulative Errors Distribution (CED) curves. Besides, further statistics from the CED curves such as the failure rate and average Normalized Mean Error (NME) will also be returned to the participants for inclusion in their papers. The CED curve corresponding to the percentage of test images of which the error is less than a threshold alpha will be produced. The AUC is the area under the CED curve calculated up to the threshold alpha, then divided by that threshold. We set the value of alpha to be 0.08. Similarly, we regard each image with a Normalized Mean Error (NME) larger than alpha as failure. NME is computed as:

where “x” denotes the ground truth landmarks for a given face, “y” denotes the corresponding prediction and “d” is computed by d = sqrt(width_bbox * height_bbox). Here, “width_bbox” and “height_bbox” are the width and height of the enclosing rectangle of the ground truth landmarks, respectively.